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Athena is the symbol of civilisation, knowledge and wisdom. She reminds us that we can successfully use our intellect, passion, wisdom and creativity in the pursuit of any goal we

She is regarded as the protector of all cities and states. She is a wise counsellor and acts
as a guide not as a shield. Athena helps you down your path but it is your path to walk. She pushes you to grow and challenges you to push past what you think are your boundaries.

Athena is known as a war goddess who used wisdom instead of weapons to dissolve conflicts so call upon Pallas Athena for help with any conflict or any situation calling for wisdom.



Athena's many faces *Truth *Balance                *Beauty  
  *Simplicity  *Wisdom                *Liberty  

                                                                                    "Ageless Wisdom"

 Goddess Athena: Update

 Not only is Athena connected to peace, wisdom and justice and helps to protect civilizations. She is also as we  know, seen as the warrior goddess to help to preserve peace and harmony. But Athena is now known as  the master of  the  Blue Ray of the sun.
 Her  new role is to oversee development of new science and technology for the new earth to help restore  harmony among people and  civilizations. Add more harmony in life and work with her vibration for new
 tools, technology and projects that would benefit humanity and the planet earth.

  REMEMBER: Call on Pallas Athena anytime for those moments when you require help assistance with any conflict  or any situation calling for wisdom.


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