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" This is a truly wonderful journey. It allowed me to discover the depths of love I felt for my father, and his real love for me. I felt weightless and free ........ "

Margie C, Personal Assistant


" I had no idea what to expect, but it was astonishing. I saw that I am a valuable person with much more to give to the world than I had realised, and the next day at work I was so moved by a sense of how good people are. My lens' are changed forever. One amazing result was that I stopped smoking, which hadn't even been my focus at all. "                                                                                 

James A, IT Manager


" I was in such pain over a failed relationship that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, and life seemed pointless. These few hours were more powerful than the years of psychotherapy I had invested so much time and money in, and I reconnected with the career dream I had thought was impossible. Thank You. "                                                                                             

Merredith T, Flight Attendant


" I had never been so impacted by a program in my entire 52 years of life. This opportunity has catapulted me ahead, and I know that nobody can stop me but me. Thank You Forever. "              

Carl T, Educator


" I would say that life has a curious way of flying past whilst we busily do do do, and that you (Deb) have a way to help make us more aware of what is going on and experiencing it all. Being present. It feels like life is slower because we don't look at it all in retrospect,we get better at looking at it while it happens. It makes life more amazing. Even the hard things are more fascinating because we see how they relate to us and what we have done to cause them. This unlocks the power of CHOICE which we often don't even know we have. So essentially, you increase our awareness of our own lives and that makes the journey more exciting!"                                                                                                                        

L B, Designer 



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