Why did I choose the scales to be my signature logo?

My first thought was .... what does "Love and Wisdom" mean to me and what would represent it?

I am a Libran and the scales have always intrigued me and the inner need to feel balanced is very powerful.

The strong image that came to me was; the ability to see the balance, see the other side, to see the gift in every situation and being able to equilibrate events, emotions, perceptions, daily challenges, business challenges and the feeling of 'sometimes' being the victim (all the things that stress us) and then use these practical and life changing skills to transend them into messages of love.

Part of the balance also represented the ability to reflect, so I also needed to have a strong presence of reflection, thus the image of faces mirroring thoughts and looking more deeply into the other side. As we continuously undergo mico-adjustments by gaining these understandings we create our new reality which is in fact our 'True Reality'.

Wisdom is also a profound part of the process in representing what I truly wish to share. No matter what happens to us in life, perceived to be good or bad, it serves us to look further to see the balance and to acquire the wisdom in the ultimate experience of love.

 This symbol for me encapsulates the essence of my message and.... without LOVE, WISDOM cannot be gained.



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