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Business Success Mentoring / Consulting 

  Many businesses we have consulted face the following problems: 

  • Lack of focussed & documented strategy
  • Slowdown in sales
  • Non existing well functioning & cost effective marketing strategy    
  • Pressed for time
  • Cost overruns
  • Unsteady cash flow
  • Poor customer retention 

      What our Business Consultacy will do to turn your business around... 

  • Identify your USP & VP giving prospects a reason to buy from you and not competitors
  • Develop a new business plan or modify an existing plan focused around your organisation and its employees
  • Assess offline and online sales and marketing systems
  • Implement processes that improve productivity, employee morale
  • Implement processes that deliver value to your customers
  • Provide strategies to maximize your cash flow

       *Business Planning that focuses on outcomes and results.


      Business planning outcomes will consist of: 

  • A business plan with a clear vision and mission
  • Profitability and growth planning
  • Strategies to market your business online
  • Obtaining highly targeted leads and boosting conversion
  • Cost minimization strategies
  • IT solutions
  • A clearly defined “Unique Sales proposition”
  • Additional business advice and help As a result of our consulting services, you will have satisfied customers, a more focussed view on what you want in your business, operational systems and increasing profits  

      How our consulting services will benefit you....


      *A Quality Business Demands Quality Questions... 

The quality of your business is based partly upon the quality of the questions you ask yourself daily. If you are not inspired about your business or if you are not doing the business you truly dream of, it just may be because you are not asking yourself the highest quality questions. 

The moment you do is the moment your business begins to change. Most people who struggle in business ask themselves such uninspiring questions that their business becomes exactly that, uninspiring. Asking yourself low-quality questions leads to a low quality business, but asking yourself high quality questions is one of the keys to a more successful business you dream of and deserve.    


  Inner aims of the Business / Corporate Consultation


  • to align your personal dreams and values to your CO's mission statement - productivity, motivation and inspiration on all levels comes from your ability to 'align'
  • connect your heart to the service you want to provide to all who are associated with your company
  • be clear on what you truly want and be in constant refinement understanding that you will only grow when you delegate and trust others to do what needs to be done
  • know your own true values and understand the wisdom of also knowing your staff's value systems but not expecting them to live yours
  • integration is the powerful and important key to your success
  • adaptability in expanding your business model                                                                     contact me 




 What they have to say....

         "An extremely powerful experience in opening me up to higher levels of knowing and growth, both in my business and now my personal life. I know now, they are not separate.

 Steve M. Chiropractor  


            "This experience has given my life clarity... and not just my business.  I am now ready to put my business goals into action with renewed focus and inspiration.  

Sophie C.    

        In this short time I have already benefited mentally,  spiritually,  vocationally,  socially and  financially. Thank you"              

 Peter B.


"Debbie will allow you to develop in whatever area you wish to develop. I recommend Debbie simply because she has integrity in the work she does with people. She allows you to evolve yourself through her intuitiveness and through her capacity to direct you to your own answers so that you develop as an independent being rather than being dependent on someone else to 'fix' things. She is confident in who she is and has strength of character without setting herself up as the absolute expert in everything"




Why do you need a business consultant? 

**Investing in a business consultant can help you take a step back and look at your business objectively. We have helped businesses  to accelerate their growth by offering a range of solutions.
We appreciate that business owners are constantly faced with constraints -time, shortages of skilled staff, and cost effective resources to help grow the business.

We work together with your business to identify and implement solutions which will generate quick results and provide long term growth.
Because you are so involved in your business, you may find it difficult to look beyond the proverbial square for innovative solutions to get you there faster.





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