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 Aims of the Group Session / Course


  • the foundation is the development of Life Skills, for the purpose of creating the life you want
  • it explores mastering the mind's creative ability to consciously create with purpose and understanding 
  • develop ways to raise consciousness and create awareness in your physcical & spiritual capacity
  • deals with today's issues - relationships, communication with self & others, health & healing
  • understanding why you feel trapped when you don't declare to the world what is true for you 
  • why it is unwise to exaggerate or minimise your self
  • understanding why your value system prevents you from seeing love
  • looking at old patterns and thoughts and what you are hanging on to physically, emotionally and habitually that no longer serve you


*recognize that you are creating and manifesting ALL the time - what are you choosing to create??


       *the benifits are multi layered and is the practice of being in 'self energetic mastery'             click here  




'Intuitive Group Sessions'  

 So many people come to me and ask me how can they live the life they love with more ease and joy? How can they live their dreams? Is it all really possible?  

 My answer is simple, yes it is, however it comes down to you knowing yourself, truly understanding who you are. This of course is a process and may take a little time and as the layers unveil you go deeper within yourself. You begin to realise who you are and during this process you begin to manifest the life that you love. This is the reason why I have put together the Intuitive Group Sessions, for you to know yourself so that you can live the life you love. When you know who you are, you are in power!   

 If you are interested in stepping into your power, in knowing who you are, and truly manifesting the life you love then the Intuitive Group Sessions are for you, please also know that they are not for the faint hearted.   

 If you want to experience authentic relationships with the people around you, and yourself, first you have to be honest with yourself. In being honest with yourself, you will understand who you truly are. 

When you truly know yourself you can transcend the illusions, which are your thinking, beliefs and patterns.  

This is an incredibly powerful opportunity to learn about yourself through other people’s experiences and to meet yourself through the eyes and experiences of another.  

 At first, the appearance may seem like it is through stories that we relate to each other. It is actually through the truth that we relate to each other. Sometimes it takes someone else to bring out and show you parts of yourself you have unconsciously hidden.

 Group experiences support you to release your unexpressed emotions, repressed memories and stagnant energy. It supports you to face yourself through other group members in ways that you would not experience in your outside world.



 Intuitive Group Sessions will support you to: 

  • To know yourself
  • To experience yourself in truth
  • To transcend your old thoughts, beliefs and patterns
  • To recognize and understand the roles that people play in your life and how each role supports you
  • To experience authentic relationships
  • Be true to yourself and no longer compromise
  • See passed the illusion of another to meet with the authentic you and the authentic them
  • Know, speak and express what is true for you
  • Know and experience the difference between ego and intuition
  • The opportunity to give authentic love to group members
  • The opportunity to receive love from group members
  • To see and experience yourself as never before
  • To experience the powerfully indescribable bond between you and group members
  • To understand why you have manifested where you are in your life and how it is supporting you
  • To accept, embrace and be honest with yourself
  • To step into your power and choose what you love in your life, because you love it not because you fear it.
  • Understand your unconscious thoughts and where they come from and the effect they have on your reality
  • Understand the games you play with yourself and others and why you play these games, how to move through these games and be your authentic self.
  • To truly understand yourself
The only way to have a truly authentic relationship with anyone in your life is if you understand yourself. When you know who you are, you will also understand others.
Receiving messages from other group members enables you to look deeper within yourself. This supports you to understand why your behaviours are as they are and why you think the way that you do.
When you take full responsibility for the roles that you have manifested people to play in your life and realise the purpose of their role is to support you to know yourself on a deeper level, you will no longer take their words or actions personally.
Intuitive Group is an intimate space where approximately 10- 15 people sit together. Eventually these 10- 15 people will end up creating a space that is open, loving and powerful. This supports you to step into your personal power.
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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to speak.
And please send on to anyone you feel would like to participate or may be interested.

With unconditional love...
What they are saying.. 


"One of the most challenging but most rewarding experiences I've had. Whatever I do now, I know I have shifted to a new level and there is nothing wrong or unbeneficial. I now know & can trust my intuition."



" A life changing event! It empowered me to appreciate the divine order, to trust my inner messages & to see how erverything serves me to experience love, gratitude and freedom."

Frank S.


" A ground breaking, phenomenal experience that breaks through illusions and on to creating what I love with grace, love and gratitude."

Karen S.


"You have a great ability to just ‘be’ with people, hold a space if you like, to allow a depth of sharing to occur for the other person. I witnessed you do this in class! You always have just the right words to allow a person to go deeper within their thoughts to find the answers themselves"



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