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Aims of the Personal 1 on 1 Sessions - by phone / skype or in person  

  • to give you unique and practical Life Skills for the purpose of finding meaning and understanding of your 'Whole Self' - Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually.
  • to support you to know what is really possible
  • assist you to independantly acknowledge & honour your own magnificence
  • assist you in your ability to draw information straight from your sub-conscious store of wisdom
  • to illuminate blind spots in your awareness and perceptions that are holding you back 
  • to see how every human being, including you, just wants to be loved for who they are
  • to realise your mind is only certain when you are truthful


    • dissolve baggage and allow all that no longer serves you to fall away
    • find your truth in order for you to live your truth                                             Click to book


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     What they say....


"It gave me a wonderful new perspective on looking at life and how to deal with life"s situations and circumstances.    I would encourage all people to give this a go- it is so powerful." 

S. Whyte


"An uplifting realisation of life's perfection. It gave me a whole new understanding of life, people and myself. It's something you have to experience."

A. Phillips




"Opened my mind to new ways of thinking and my heart to new ways of feeling. The very first radical new way to reconsider my value system..... in fact, the best way ever to discover what my value system really was."

Edward B.




"You have a great  ability to just ‘be’ with people, hold a space if you like, to allow a depth of sharing to occur for the other person. I witnessed you do this in class and individually! You always have just the right words to allow a person to go deeper within their thoughts to find the answers themselves" 




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