"It is an EXCITING time and a time for release of outdated thoughts,
emotions and belief systems that divide and separate us all. 
We often consciously or unconsciously place much fear, anger and
blame around many areas of our lives. But as YOU recognize these
old patterns that have been impacting you on so many levels as distortions,
control programs and mental games you have the ability to shift your
consciousness and self correct, dissolving the membranes that create
energetic separation inside of you, so that you can be  more "whole"
within and therefore be more "whole" in your interaction with the
world around you." 



If you need assistance to navigate these times with less confusion
and greater wisdom to find your alignnment, purpose, power and
peace in this ever shifting landscape, you will be provided with
down to earth clarity, strategies and connection so that YOU
can make more 'conscious' choices in every moment.

You choose which platform you wish to 'access' your personal
alignment and awakening of your Higher Self to your unique
and creative role here on planet Earth'. This can be done
through personal or phone consultations or by attending group
programs run in Adelaide Sth Australia at various times
throughout the year....


* Everything you desire and every prayer that you seek
comes as a result of 
opening your heart to both giving
and receiving. It is the answer to every 
question that
you have about your life. The more you allow yourself
to love, 
the greater depth & meaning your life holds
while offering you opportunities 
to grow and gain greater
understanding. When you curse a situation you block 
wisdom and energy flow, things fester, and grow worse.

In contrast, 
as you open up and recognize the blessings
of a situation, supportive and 
healing energy flows toward you.  

Lastly, find projects that are near and dear to your heart.
Devote time to your highest priorities. The more time and
energy you invest into your true priorities the more your
inner self will feel loved and honoured and in turn the more
love and honour you will give to others. 

If you would like to know more or feel a pull to explore more,
wander around 
the website and contact me if that is what
your heart is calling you to do.


*Experience a Life of Excitement, joy, abundance and gratitude
with perfect 
calmness & peace - the life you have forgotten exists.

*Shifting Conciousness and  Delivering YOU  Your Miraculous Life .......



ABOUT Debbie

Debbie Panagis is an educator, entrepreneur, and counsellor of
love and wisdom. 
Her outlook and passion for life is simple and
infectious. She inspires others and has 
a unique ability to
communicate authentically and with presence.

Deb has over 25 years experience in business throughout
Australia and overseas. 

Her role as a CEO, Company Director, Trainer, Educator and
her experience at 
implementing initiatives is extensive. 

She also has studied many healing modalities, as well as
many universal and 
metaphysical studies and applied them
to every area of her life.  

Deb's mission is to illuminate people, kids, organisations and
schools in the 
principles of love and wisdom. It is to inspire
others to their own magnificence, 
to "love the skin they are in",
to see how blessed they truly are and that no matter 
they have done or not done they are worthy of love. 

Through living her life as a message of love she wishes to
work (and to work with 
other like minded people) to assist
others to initiate their own personal transformation 
and the
transformation of communities, cities, states and countries
during this lifetime 
and beyond.


  In love...... we find wisdom                    

                                              **LIFE IN PERFECT BALANCE**  * Term 1 *starting FEB 2014 - email info@loveandwisdom.com.au for details  


                    In life...... we find love, inspiration and balance.   


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  • business and life coaching
  • personal consultations - life & health
  • soul mentoring
  • energy balancing / clearing
  • classes, online products and much more  


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